Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a world without fear and anxiety

could you imagine?

i was recently asked "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

and this got me thinking - what would anyone do if they couldn't fail?  or if they had no fear?  or if anxiety didn't exist?

about 2 years ago, as my journey was starting, i made a list in a journal of mine of things i'd do if i had no anxiety.  number one on my list was travel.  i think run a race was on there and chase some dreams.  every now and then i refer back to that list.  i'm happy to say that a lot of those things are now happily crossed off. 

and while it may not always be anxiety that holds us back, sometimes something does (whether fear or concern of not being perfect or getting it right). 

so, if you had no fear, no worry about failure and no anxiety - What Would You Do?

1) go surfing
2) a triatholon
3) move to a whole new place with no safety net of a job or friends or family

for each one the concern is different.  surfing makes me anxious because you're just out in the ocean and can get knocked underwater at any moment and huge waves come at you.

a triatholon is on the list because i think i'm concerned about not being able to finish.  not commiting to training hard enough, bailing half way through or just lagging behind everyone and barely making it to the finish. 

and moving, well, that causes some fear of the unknown. 

this list isn't just what i'd do if life were perfect and stress-free.  this list is now one of goals.  and they are powerful goals because each one isn't just something to cross off, it means i overcame something.  all those things have a double meaning and impact for me. 

on new years i made some intentions for myself and i'm going to add these things! 

so?  what does your list look like?

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