Saturday, May 22, 2010

channeling martha stewart

today is a gorgeous day in new york and i'm very excited to spend it with the hubby.  my weekends vary so much because i'm often subbing classes or taking classes, but this weekend i have absolutely nothing concrete to do.  the world is mine! at least for this weekend it is  =)

on the agenda today is an INSANITY workout followed by a trip to the park with the pup and possibly checking out Iron Man 2. 

i channeled my inner domestic diva and whipped up a batch of protein choco-chip banana muffins which are currently baking away (and smelling delish!) because i'm always looking for new ways to get easy, protein packed snacks into our diets.  last week i made homemade protein coconut bars so i figured i'd switch it up a bit and when i found that recipe for the muffins i couldn't resist!

how are you spending your weekend?  any fun plans?  hopefully you are somewhere enjoying the spring weather.  enjoy your weekend bloggie friends!


  1. I am hoping to be like martha this weekend too. I love the premise of your blog and look forward to reading (sounds very applicable to my life! ah deep breath) happy weekend and enjoy the weather!

  2. hey katherine! thanks for reading =)

    if you like muffins you should totally try the banana choco-chip ones... so easy! and i didn't even burn 'em! haha.