Monday, May 24, 2010

do we create our own paths?

i ordered some books over the weekend and one in particular that caught my eye was a 30- day plan to create the life of your dreams.  it got me so curious that i had to toss it in my amazon cart.  30 days to re-program your path?  or create a whole new journey?  interesting, no?

it begs me to wonder... do we have a journey already laid out for us and there really are no coincidences or are we destined to take the reigns and create our very own unique life path?

my life path has recently taken a slight detour and i find myself thinking about this a lot.  am i in control of what i want and how to get it or am i supposed to sit back and let life unfold and trust that whatever happens is meant to happen and i'll eventually get to where i need to be?

this, as you can imagine, causes me some stress and anxiety.  i enjoy having plans and goals.  i like being able to "see my future" so to speak.  but, best laid plans fell to the wayside and i'm left wondering if i'm supposed to change my entire future or if my plans were supposed to fall apart because i'm meant for something else. 

what do you think?  are we in control of our destiny or do we have a pre-determined path? 

and if you think we already have a journey laid out for us, do you think we can change it if we don't like it?  or do you subscribe to the belief that everything will always work out just as it's supposed to? 


  1. I do believe that Karma shapes our path to a certain extent. I'm not sure that our destiny is entirely set out for us but as a sufferer of anxiety I gain a lot of peace from believing: I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

  2. i LOVE that! a powerful mantra