Sunday, May 2, 2010

happy may days!

ok, so i know i'm a day late with this post, but since coming home from my trip out east i've been a little scattered!  in the days that have passed, i took my parents out to dinner for their 30th anniversary, unpacked, caught up on massive amounts of laundry, redecorated most of my apartment and did a huge spring cleaning. 

i fully intended to blog yesterday but the first day of my favorite month brought an unusual heat wave that begged to be enjoyed outdoors.  i am so blissful now that spring is here!

in an hour i'm leaving to take my very first intensati class.  i'm kinda psyched about it.  the creator, patricia moreno, gave a special class at a gym i teach at but i was away for it and bummed to have missed it.  so i've been looking forward to taking this class since learning about it.  if you've never heard of it, and pardon my meager description as i've never taken a class myself until today, its a cardio workout with affirmations.  i've heard you jump, kick, punch and yell out things like "i am strong" and "everything i need is already inside me." 

should be a lot of fun and a great way to kick off a sunday.  after the intensati class, i'm going to visit my baby nephew - 4 months old! - and then coffee with a girlfriend.  all in all, a great day is ahead of me. 

i hope your sunday funday brings you lots of bliss! 

leaving you with this question: do you get excited to try new workouts or do you stay true blue to your standbys?  i LOVE mixin' it up and trying new classes, new routines and new workouts.  i can almost always walk away having learned something new to get my sweat on and have fun doing.  i love meeting other instructors and it always keeps my body guessing so i'm less likely to plateau.  what's your fave way to move??

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