Friday, May 28, 2010

almost the (long) weekend!

happy friday!  do you have a long weekend coming up?  my gym and studio are closed monday so i'm off, baby, yeah!  super excited!  i love my job, but days off are pretty fun too!

yesterday was my birthday and i celebrated by teaching all day.  literally, i was teaching since 7am! my students in my last class suprised me with wonderful gifts (one being a big bottle of kombucha!) and it really made my day.  like i said, i love my job!  and my classes and students are the best!

afterwards i went out to dinner with the hubby and enjoyed a martini. 

this weekend is also jam packed, but i'm hoping to fit in some reading because one of the books i ordered arrived!  it looks pretty cool, and i'm kinda a book geek, so it'll be nice to just curl up in bed and read until i lose track of time. 

how is your memorial day weekend looking?  anyone have time off or do you have work?  any bbq's going on?  i have one on monday with my parents to celebrate my birthday.  we're bringing our puggle so he can play in the backyard while we hopefully enjoy some nice weather.

anyways, i heard a quote the other day that i thought was totally interesting and wanted to share.  it comes from psychiatrist carl jung and he says something to the effect of "all mental illness is the result of our unwillingness to experience pain."  i'm pretty sure that's the quote, but i didn't write it down. but i think you can get the idea from that.

it immediately got me thinking: could this be true?  could my anxiety have been a result of me refusing to feel emotional sadness or pain for something?  i had anxiety for a long time, but the problem was that i never labeled it as that.  so i would really need to dig deep down and try to pull out memories of where and when it all started exactly to see what i was going through. 

i definitely dealt with my share of stresses when i was younger, so maybe there is something to this idea. 

but when you're going though it, it's hard to believe that all that stress and anxiety is just the result of you not wanting to deal with pain... because going through the anxiety causes pain. 

i'm still wondering about this ... but it's definitely an interesting conclusion.

what do you guys think?

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