Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Start

With 2009 right around the corner, it's hard not to think about resolutions. It’s an inevitable occurrence that after people scream ‘happy new year’ on that magical night, the very next thing they do is make a resolution. Now I say it’s a magical night because it’s a time when you can start over – and who doesn’t like a fresh start? It’s a time to put grudges aside, regrets behind you and aspirations in front of you. I love New Years Eve, but the one part I don’t love is the resolutions. I always wind up breaking them or becoming less committed after 6 months (if I even last that long!) So this year I’m trying something different. Instead of making a laundry list of things I want to improve about myself, I’m going to jot down goals of mine. I’m not going to spend time focusing on my flaws and making resolutions to ‘fix’ me. I’m going to write down things I want to do because they make me happy. I’m going to write down things that I believe will be fulfilling and help make me a better person. I’m going to write down things I’m scared to do so I at least take one step closer to confronting a fear. I’m going to write down one spontaneous thing that’s outside the box so I don’t fall victim to living in a rut with no surprises. And I’m going to write down something nice that I can do for the people I care most about, because let’s face it, without those people I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So here’s a sneak peak at my 2009 Goals List (which I will pull out of my pocket at 12:01AM on January 1st and commit to):

1) Compete in a 10k
2) Take one trip to another country
3) Make a new friend
4) Strengthen a bond with an old friend and
5) Share my workshops and classes with as many people as I possibly can!

Now this is just the beginning… I could go on and on! But I think it’s a pretty solid start. Make 2009 your year too! Think about your goals and aspirations, think about things you’d love to accomplish or try. Tomorrow is about starting fresh. There’s never a better time than now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HAPPY Holidays

I know holiday time can be a stressful time. Running around from here to there, worrying obsessively about the perfect gift or making the perfect meal, being anxious wondering if you are a good host (or doubting your ability to pull a party together), annual work reviews... the worries are almost limitless - if you let them be!

Stress and this time of year can more often than not go hand in hand, but one thing to remember is that stress doesn't have to launch into mind crippling anxiety. I feel like my to-do list is endless and my responsibilities continue to mount, but I try to take a step back when I get overwhelmed and think of happy things and things I'm grateful for. Because, after all, isn't that what we all really want to think about? So what if I burn the turkey, pour too much dressing on the salad or drop the bread on the floor? I'm still getting to hang out with family and friends, some of which are the coolest people I know. So what if I hit traffic on the way to my in-laws house? It's just more time I get to spend with my hubby singing christmas carols off-key. And who cares if I didn't get everyone the "perfect" gift? (Isn't that what gift receipts are for? I'm kidding!)

Take time during this hectic season to appreciate everything going on. Take a moment to spend time with a family member you don't see very often, allow yourself to become engulfed at dinner table conversation and commit to memories the smiles you see when people open their gifts and know you put a lot of thought into it. Be grateful. It's something we can all do, but rarely take the time for.

Happy holidays to all! Here's to all of you, your journeys and the new year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seeing Signs

I have seen more signs from the universe in these past few weeks than I’ve probably seen in my entire life. I think this is because, for the first time, I’m open to seeing them. I’ve had some major issues plaguing my mind over the past couple of months and I feel like I have my answers. Or at least a starting point to the answers. This is coming at a rather exciting time because I graduate from yoga teacher training this weekend. I’ve blogged through the entire journey and it’s been nothing short of amazing. I’ve found my calling and my passion in yoga and it’s almost unbelievable how interrelated everything is.

I’ve met some beautiful people through this training and was lucky to meet some unbelievable teachers. I know the things I’ve learned will stay with me forever, but I’m ready to continue my training and fine tune the things I’ve learned. I hope to one day be able to touch someone the way these people and teachers have touched me. I believe they were meant to come into my life and I’m thankful everyday that I had this opportunity.

This blog is dedicated to the 2008 YDC Teacher Training Graduates. I love you all. Thank you for being a part of my journey.