Tuesday, May 11, 2010

don't worry...

be happy!

hi loves!  i've been quite the busy girl today.  up since 4:30am, out the door for a 7am yoga sesh, cleaned the casa, threw together homemade vanilla protein oats for tomorrow's breakfast, put together a playlist and sequencing for tonight's spin class... whew! 

so i wanted to check in as i've not had a chance to in the past couple of days. 

i got this email from sara avant stover (remember her? she's on my Ask The Experts page!) about happiness.  something we're all trying to achieve and hold onto, right?  it always seems to come and go based on our days, our interactions and our feelings.  so i found this email particularly interesting because it came from an actual year-long intensive study on happiness done by a woman named gretchen rubin.  she studied ways to achieve happiness and here are her take-aways:

1) don't start with profundities
get back to basics

2) do let the sun go down on anger
sit with your anger rather than react to it

3) fake it till you feel it
when you're feeling low, act happy. it's hard, but it works

4) realize that anything worth doing is worth doing badly
learn new things without taking yourself too seriously
5) don't treat the blues with a 'treat'
pleasure can last a minute or two, but the guilt from indulging will last much longer

6) buy some happiness
spend your money on things that offer a lot of happiness bang for the buck

7) don't insist on the best
sometimes good enough is just that... good enough!

8) exercise to boost energy
even a 10 minute walk can change your day and your mood

9) stop nagging
don't insist things have to be done on your schedule, find effective ways to communicate that don't make you sound like you're a nag

10) take action
about 40% of our happiness is within our control, choose wisely and consciously how you live

i LOVE these tips!  they all resonate with me and i still find that i have some that i need to work on.  i think #10 is powerful because we often mistake how much power and control we really do have within our lives.  we can actively choose how to spend our time each and every day.  do you choose to watch TV or go for a 30 minute jog?  do you choose to let your anger over your work fester inside or do you light some candles, put on some relaxing music and journal out your stress?  do you sleep in or wake an hour earlier to fit in yoga?  we have the power to live the lives we want!  which of these steps connect most with you?  do you already do some of them?  are any new to you? 

something i've been thinking about lately: theta healing.  a student in my yoga class recently got certified in this mode of healing and was talking with me about how powerful it is.  it seems like it changed her life and i admit, i'm intrigued!  anyone know about this thing called Theta Healing?


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