Sunday, May 2, 2010

i use my strength... and i commit!

so intensati pretty much rocked my little yoga world.   i was sweating, yelling out empowering affirmations, groovin' to sexyback and black eyed peas and then finished with a beautiful yogic cool down and sitting 'savasana.'  the instructor kicked off the class by sharing something she was going through this week and how she was working to overcome it... and ultimately her message was my best is good enough.  i am good enough. 


how often do we all fall victim to the pursuit of perfection?

::raises hand sky high::

she reminded the class that this was our hour to feel good.  it was our time to let go and surrender.  it wasn't a total yoga-ish class, lots of aerobic type jumping and kickbox punching, but it was a blast and the hour FLEW by.  i couldn't believe when she turned off the heart pumping tunes for a more chill playlist and we started a deep breathing cool down.  all in all, my intensati experience was.. amazing!  and i'm totally going back every sunday.  it was such an empowering way to start my day and left me with a smile the whole day.

so if you have one of these classes by you... try it!  the inspiration, personal empowerment and strength is palpable.  oh yeah, and its FUN to boot.

you know me, if it ain't fun, i don't do it!

 the light feeling followed me through the rest of my day and i thoroughly enjoyed my coffee date with my girlfriend.  we sat and relaxed in starbucks for nearly 2hrs and had lots of laughs.  always the best!

so back to normal tomorrow, teaching yoga in the AM and PM and getting back to work on a project i've been tending to.  bliss.  hope your sunday brought you lots of happiness!

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  1. Thank you for the blog - I found it inspiring and refreshing :)