Sunday, April 18, 2010

the sniffling yogini

good morning!  hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their sunday!  i definitely am.  its been officially over one week (8 days) since i caught strep throat and i'm FINALLY starting to feel better!  so fabulous.  i slept through the entire night last night and had minimal coughing both last night and this morning.  and for those of you that have had terrible colds and coughs this winter, you totally know what i mean when i say that that cough obliterated any chance of a full night's sleep.... for days!  my eyes turned a sexy shade of bloodshot around thursday.

so anyway, i decided this morning to start turning back to my old routine of eating and smoothie sipping, yoga and (super light) cardio.  gotta ease back in slowly.  so as i type this i'm sipping on a chocolate coconut hemp protein smoothie so i can gain some energy back in my beat up body and i have a date with my yoga mat at 10:30am.  i'm actually teaching the class, but its a super gentle one and i plan on indulging myself in some deep arse stretches right along with the class.  whenever i'm sick i tend to resist making adjustments on students as much as possible because i hate the idea of my germy little hands on everyone as their trying to relax.

hubby and i had kind of a crazy week and lots of things are changing so i'm calling on my yogic practices more than ever.  especially nadi sodhana.  and since we have lots going on and both of us have been on-and-off sick for the past 2 weeks we decided that we're going to spend some time together out east.  next weekend we're packing up the pup, the truck and our bags and treating ourselves to some much needed time away.  i can't wait.  visions of wooded jogging paths, fireplaces, bottles of wine and outdoor yoga dance in my head.  i'm hoping for some nice weather too.  that would be blissful.  but no matter what, i'm so pumped for this week to hurry up and go by so we can jump in the car and just go! 

what are your plans for the rest of your day?  how was your week?  i pretty much slept through mine, so fill me in on what i missed =)

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