Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy weekend!

the weekend is here, the weekend is here!  granted it's only 7am, but how has your day been so far?  i have a feeling mine is going to be busy!

last night i had so much fun at yoga.  my first class on friday evenings is a teen class which is cool because i love to see yoga trickling into younger generations.  and how helpful would yoga have been if we ALL had it in high school, right?  i missed the boat on that one, but thankfully climbed on board soon after college.  the girls are great and we always have a good time.  my second class had a tiny turn out - 1! - because it was so beautiful out and its hard to make your way to the gym or yoga studio on gorgeous nights, so my student and i did a special rockin' yoga class that made us sweat our little hearts out. bliss.   i love sweat sesh's and yoga sesh's so combine 'em and i'm in heaven.  needless to say i slept like a baby last night after that energy release.

so hubby and i leave tomorrow for our little jaunt out east and we're super psyched.  its the perfect amount of time to kind of chill and regroup after some craziness.  we're taking our little puggle... so it's our first family trip! ha! 

something particularly cool about this trip - it's a road trip!  those words used to strike fear into my heart like no one's business!  long car ride?  yikes!  but now it just brings happiness and excitement.  i'm making a stellar playlist for the ride and picking up lots of snacks and drinks for us the cart with us because i never know what kind of food we'll find while we're away so i try to be as prepared as possible.  i'm planning on getting in some quality cardio with early morning jogs, yoga in the backyard and lots of walking. 

what do you have planned for this weekend?  hoping it's something fun!

and just to make sure the road trip stays as something fun, i'm going to indulge in lots of restorative and deep stretching yoga tonight to put me in a great mindset for the trip!  can't wait! 

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