Thursday, April 8, 2010

Present Moment Workshop™ Announcement!

Good morning loves! I'm very happy to announce the details for my next Present Moment Workshop™!

The upcoming workshop will be held on either Saturday, May 15th OR Sunday, May 16th. The studio is going to determine the date by what suits the most people signing up. Sign ups are happening now! So if you're free that weekend, I'd love to see you there! Contact and detail info for the studio, Harmony Yoga and Dance, can be found here:

WHAT: Present Moment Workshop™ - learn how to alleviate stress and anxiety by utilizing yogic practices and principles in your daily life.
WHEN: May 15th OR May 16th; time will be determined based on day
WHO: presenter Bonnie Schmidt, RYT, fitness instructor, stress + anxiety coach
WHERE: Harmony Yoga and Dance, Wantagh
COST: $60

if you're interested in learning more about how yoga can help you deal with stress and anxiety, come join me!

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