Friday, April 2, 2010

serving up some green

good morning loves!  we're having some awesome weather lately... we were waaay overdue! 

i'm so excited - hubby comes home tonight!  he's been away all week and the casa has been fairly quiet without him.  however, i did get treated to lots of meals from mom and dad and definitely had a blast with girls night in (margaritas and champagne!).  so all in all i kept pretty busy.  i have a date with a friend at the dog park today so i'm quickly checking in to see how your friday is going and then head out to run some errands.  need to stock that fridge back up!

so this morning i went to breakfast with my dad and before we left i whipped us BOTH up a green smoothie. 

                                                                                                   in went:
2 heaping handfuls of spinach
1 pear
1 apple
tsp agave
hemp protein powder

i enjoyed a huge glass of the green stuff and dad managed to down half a glass.  he actually admitted that it wasn't so bad.  he was a bit turned off by the green, thick looking liquid, but i pumped it up with so much sweet fruit that he didn't mind drinking it and said he would (if it was pre-made for him!) continue to drink them.  small victory!  i doubt he'll be making 'em at home, but hey, he still tried it - and liked it.


and today has also been the first week of my super early wake up calls.  when i have my early yoga classes i'm up at 4:45am and on all the other days i'm up at 5:30am and i've felt little to no stress in the mornings.  i revamped my routine and it worked beautifully.  why didn't i think of this sooner!  i'm so glad i took the time to really commit to figuring out what it was about the morning that still caused me some anxious feelings every now and again.  now mornings are laid back and stress-free and i'm loving it!  did you dissect any anxieties this week or take some time to think of ways to help ease your stress when faced with something that causes you anxiety?  if so, do tell! 

so what's on your weekend agenda?  i'm looking forward to QT with the hubby, possibly hitting up a bikram yoga class, getting my sweat on with turbokick (i start teaching it soon!) and massive amounts of choreography and sequencing for my yoga classes.  i have lots 'o playlists to tend to.  sounds like bliss to me. 

by the way ... anyone read gabrielle brick's article on raw food? anyone try the smoothie? or want to??

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