Thursday, April 22, 2010


almost forgot to wish you a beautiful, happy earth day!

what can you do today for mother earth?

yoga class this morning was chock full 'o balances (for our grounding) and we did sun salutations in all four directions to honor the earth and our connection to it.

an awesome website to check out for tips on being GREEN : Gorgeously Green

some earth friendly things i do:
* recycle
*i have organic yoga clothes and an eco-friendly mat from gaiam
*i have reusable bags for food shopping and errand running
*i try to fit my purchases in my gym or hand bag rather than using the store's plastic bags
*i eat a high raw vegetarian diet (earth AND animal friendly!)
*i make my own household cleaners to limit my use of chemicals

when i have my own house, i'd love to compost and garden and hang dry my clothes outside. 

what do you do to be more green?

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