Friday, April 9, 2010

sequence for a rainy day

i was so enjoying the warm weather and sunshine we were having - and then this morning i woke up to chilly weather and pouring rain.  i know some people totally dig the rain and find it relaxing, but i'm not one of 'em!  my morning started off with a wet walk around the block with the pup (who dislikes the rain as much as i do) and then taking care of my sick hubby.  he caught some kind of bug from all the traveling he's been doing so i made him some soft boiled eggs and loads of herbal tea to help get him through his day. i was hoping to get myself to my bikram class, but i had other things to tend to and my morning kind of slipped away from me. so i'm aiming to grab a bikram class tomorrow afternoon after i teach my morning classes. 

to make me feel better i whipped up one of my fave breakfasts ... the breakfast sundae! 

and a big 'ol mug of coffee :)

now i'm off to beat the rainy day blues with some killer cardio and yoga.  on the agenda is TurboKick (which is a sweat-fest like no other) and then some deep, restorative yoga to stretch out all the kinks. 

i'm going to start teaching TurboKick soon so i'm super pumped about that.  and the more practice i get doing it the better! 

i hope you aren't having a wash out day! 

here's the restorative sequence i'm going to enjoy:

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