Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy april!

Ah spring weather is around the corner and I'm starting to get really excited about it! Visions of flip flops and tank tops dance in my head.

As I am getting ready to head out to my 7am yoga gig, I like to check up on blogs via my life line (aka blackberry) and I came across a super interesting one I wanted to share with you. Its brought to us by gabrielle brick, a rockin' raw food guru that I was introduced to through a TV show on "extreme" diets. I feel the need to include quotes because I don't think raw food is really, terribly extreme... But I digress...

So anyway - love, love, love this chick and I saw her guest blog on Crazy Sexy Life on raw foods and superfoods (if you don't know what a superfood is she explains it in the blog). What made me want to post it is that she mentions raw, superfoods that aid in relieving depression. I know I haven't touched on it a lot, but depression and anxiety go kind of hand in hand. I don't know which one comes first -if anxiety causes you to be depressed or depressed feelings cause anxiousness - but either way depression can hit too close to home for some of us going through anxiety. Gabrielle credits raw food for helping her overcome her depression and I'm the first to say a high raw diet helps keep anxious feelings and stomach issues away for me, so I wanted to share. Its brief, but informative - and there's a superfood, raw smoothie recipe in there to boot! Now who doesn't love that!? AND depression-relieving superfoods are in it.

So check it out and see why I'm kinda in love with raw foods. And while I'm not 100% at following the diet, every little bit counts. To obtain the benefits of a raw diet, one should be at least 60% raw. I try to use that as a guide (moderation!) And kickin' off my day with her smoothie sounds awesome. I can't wait to try it. Let me know what you think if you try it too!

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