Thursday, April 15, 2010

sick days

i've been battling strep throat since saturday and am steadily feeling worse.  i've been trying to push through and teach some classes, but after each class i'm pretty fried and my throat aches and burns from all the talking.  i've unfortunately had to sub out and cancel some classes.  i hate having to do that.  and it actually causes me a lot of stress.  do i cancel?  do i try to push through?  will everyone at class be let down? 

even though i feel like i'm swallowing glass, i try to be there for every class i can.  do you ever feel like that?  you're sick or having some other pressing issue you need to tend to, but you push it aside and soldier on because you're concerned with what co-workers, your boss, a friend or a student might think of you? 

doctor's orders are to stay in bed and not teach so as not to stress or hurt my throat anymore.  i'm trying not to be consumed with the "but what if everyone hates me for canceling class??" thoughts.  i'm sick.  people get sick.  things happen.  so i'm taking care of myself and making sure that i get back to 100% as soon as possible so i can once again rock my classes.  if i don't take care of myself now, i'll just get worse and wind up having to cancel or sub out more classes.  sometimes you just gotta put your health first so you can get back stronger.  -and not stress about it too much!  :)

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