Thursday, April 22, 2010

manifest the best

hey guys - happy thursday!  its a beautiful spring day over here and i'm loving it!  been up since 4:45am and going, going, going.  i did sneak in a little nap though.  i'm a big fan of naps. 

i just finished a chocolate cherry protein shake and wanted to sneak in some blog action before heading out again to finish my day.  today's topic of choice: manifesting.  do you believe that you can manifest your own destiny or do you subscribe to the notion that everything is chance and coincidence?

i used to think about this a lot back when i was trying to heal from my panic attacks.  i wondered if i could just simply will it all away.  if i really tried hard enough, would i be able to just shift my mindset and make all anxieties go away?  nope!  i chalked it up to not having enough will power or mental strength and i forgot about it.  i hadn't thought about manifesting since i walked into a bookstore a few months ago (um, wow, months ago? way overdue for a B&N trip!)

while browsing the store a book on manifesting caught my eye. it was by dr. wayne dyer and it was all about manifesting everything you want in your life and having the power to attract things to you.  i thought it looked kind of cool so i tossed it in my basket.  since i have piles of books screaming to still be read, that one got pushed to the end of the line and once again, i forgot about manifesting! 

fast forward to this week.  the book caught my eye again!  coincidence? i think not! haha.  i grabbed it and started reading the first few pages.  i'm already intrigued.  i do actually believe you can attract 'like' power and things and people.  i do believe you can manifest your destiny.  and i think a lot of us are close.  i'm like a bossy back seat driver right now and i'm itching to just grab the wheel.  i kind of have control, but i'm not refined enough to truly be an active participant in this manifest thing. 

so i'm on the first of wayne dyer's 9 manifest principles and i'm eagerly anticipating how he lays out this game plan.  i love steps.  i love road maps for life.  the thing that i'm getting though is that these things can't be rushed.  so i plan to take my time and let the book absorb. 

what are your thoughts on manifesting your destiny and life?  are you a driver or passenger kind of person when it comes to life?  i think i'm so big on the control thing because i spent so much time not in control and just going along for the ride, accepting and settling for whatever came my way.  once i became an active person in my own life, things totally turned around.  i can only imagine the power of manifesting even more amazingness into your life!

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