Wednesday, September 29, 2010

time to make the yoga

good morning and happy, happy wednesday!

i already can't wait for tonight because its SURVIVOR night! any other survivor crazies still out there? i'm actually not digging the wednesday night transition, but hey, it's still on... 20 seasons later. lesson learned from being a survivor junkie: go with the flow.  or maybe i learned that on the yoga mat... hmm ;)

i have an afternoon yoga sesh to teach and then a PM one. the middle of the day is dedicated to a veggie store run because i'm in desperate need of some veg and then little errand running. my amazing vegan friend who always knows how to make me smile surprised me this weekend by buying me a frozen pizza... but not just any frozen pizza.... a vegan one! it looks beyond delish and i can't wait to crack it open tonight along with the ginormous salad i'm gonna make. my body is needing more salad in its life. and it's all about balance. want a vegan cheesy pizza? sure! just make a salad on the side.  basket of bread with dinner? yum! just lay off the carbs on the entree.  it keeps for a happy belly and therefore a happy bonnie.

shoulder stand

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