Tuesday, September 28, 2010

rainy day ramblings

happy tuesday!
is your day as rainy as mine is?

i'm taking a quick break between work and classes. i've been feeling pretty good lately and i've noticed that i've been consistantly eating very well.  i think it's very important to find out how food effects you and your body when it comes to anxiety. chugging coffee and scarfing junk food can sometimes cause us to experience symptoms similar to what we feel when we have anxious moments.  and i'm human, every now and then i'll have "treat" foods, but i pay for them.  but i've noticed this week that i've been really spot on when it comes to my diet. i've also finally gotten completely back to my workout routine and that's been amazing. i definitely take rest days, but sometimes i just gotta sweat!

some things that have been making me feel amazing:
protein smoothies!

raw pasta and shrimp primavera

raw spaghetti and meatballs - score! this was delish!

my workouts have been mostly yoga and spin, but i'm beyond excited to take a 2hr zumba party on friday night with my friend. Yes, this is how i spend my friday nights and YES i love it beyond measure!

and i've been focusing a lot on doing things that bring me peace and relaxation. lots of reading, movie watching and walks with my hubby. 

i hope your week is off to a great start!
i'm off to finish up some work and get my yoga and spin on tonight. 


  1. Ohhh, you're so lucky! I love the rain. I live in the wrong place, truly. Right now in LA we're having a damned heat wave. Blechhhh.

    The zumba party sounds awesome — the perfect way (imo) to spend a Friday night. :)

  2. i seriously can't believe how hot it is over there!
    i can't wait for zumba-fest 2010, although i'm wandering if i'll still be able to walk after it!