Thursday, September 2, 2010

bonjour vacation!

august was an insane month. half the time it kind of left me wanting to pull the covers over my head and not be disturbed until december.  i was all over the place with work commitments, personal commitments, weddings, funerals, family visits... you name it, we had it.  but all of that is in the past now as we welcome in september!  i know lots of people are looking forward to the fall, falling leaves, fireplaces, halloween, apple cider and pumpkin picking.  i'm especially excited because for me september brings paris.  hubby and i are flying into paris tomorrow, spending a few days eating, sipping wine and shopping and than catching a train to amsterdam where we'll browse museums and spend endless amounts of time just walking around and enjoying the time together sans responsibilities.  it's nice to get away now and then, and after a hectic summer, its even more eagerly anticipated. 

things i'm looking forward to for this month:
*gallivanting around paris and amsterdam
*french yoga
*wine and cheese
*a full week of nothing to worry about, think about or plan out
*perhaps a quick trip out east to celebrate the arrival of fall
*cooler weather = more opportunities to go for a run
*leaves changing color

what is september bringing for you?

so i'll see you in a couple of days! ... unless of course we fall in love with it there and apply for a change of address

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