Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we interrupt the previously scheduled blog to bring you this...

i'm still compiling stress-less sequences for you -some pulled from work i do with my classes+clients- however, i came across this tranquility list from the beautiful and inspiring kimberly wilson and wanted to share it with you. 

wanna infuse tranquility into your everyday life?  here's some tips from the queen of serene:

~live simply~

~read great women writers~

~spend less than you make~

~give back~


~do work that you are passionate about~

~take time outs~

~exercise your body + mind daily~

~respond vs react~

~eat + drink nourishing yumminess~

~create daily~

~let your life be an artistic expression~

~make everything you do an experience~
here's the rest of her blog
do you practice any of these tranquil tips?
i find myself focusing on the 'make everything an experience' and 'respond vs. react' right now.  i kind of relate the experience one to staying present and indulging in the moment.

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