Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bonjour reality

its a good thing i totally love my classes, students, friends, family and apartment because coming back to reality after 8 days of adventuring around europe ain't easy!

add to the fact that i finally saw Paris (my 'magic' place) and you have a sure-fire way to bring about tears and resistance when boarding the final flight home. 

i'm not gonna lie, i seriously was contemplating how my husband and i could arrange a parisian change of address. but being back is feeling pretty good and the transistion back to the hustle and bustle hasn't been too painful. 

i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. for those of us in NY, i heard that hurricane didn't do too much damage. my pup was in Doggie Camp while we were away right where the heart of the storm was supposed to hit, so many check-in phone calls were made. whether they have two legs or four, they are still your babies!  {and yes, i'm a little obsessive about my puggle}

even though i had good intentions, i didn't quite get to spend as much time yoga-ing as i would've liked to (read: none at all) so i was a bit stiff when i finally did return to the mat monday night.  it felt glorious to be back in action and my body is already thanking me.

while i was away some exciting things happened: i was promoted at one of my gyms and lots of classes have been popping up for me to teach so i'm looking forward to adding these new things into my life.  i hope the start of fall is bringing you many exciting new things... even though i'm not in school anymore, there's just something about fall that begs to bring about change.

love me some fall.


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