Monday, September 20, 2010

from paris, with love

after coming home, i was desperately aching to find ways to incorporate things from our jaunt to europe into our everyday lives.  have you ever noticed you sometimes become a different person when you are away?  maybe you party more, or spend your time enjoying museums or maybe you just spend time getting lost around new city streets and wander into cafes and read tons of books... whatever you spend your time doing, it's sometimes different than how we find ourselves living day to day.  so i wanted to see if i could take some lessons from paris and amsterdam and really focus on bringing them into my daily life (why should these daily indulgences be saved just for vacations!? i'm also a big fan of using the "fancy" dishes for weeknight dinners and getting decked out to go on a coffee run. why save all the good stuff, you know??)

so here's some take aways i'm currently including in my life:
1) writing more, whether blogging or journaling or even -dare i say it- outlining book ideas
2) sipping herbal tea and reading before bed
3) making dinner an experience and not a chore, really putting love and appreciation into it. just because we're not dining out doesn't mean we have to eat every night on tray tables with our faces buried in work or TV
4) walking more
5) being spontaneous! this one has been fun! hubby has a 'surprise' date lined up for us friday night, a night that's usually spent crashing out on the couch after my yoga class and his work
6) shaking up the routine. our usual sunday mornings lazy-ing around have started to include brunches and park trips
7) allowing ample time in my day to just be. not overscheduling myself or getting lost in a sea of emails, phone calls and errands

what are some things you can bring into your daily life to make it more indulgent? what's something you can do to shake up your routine that you normally wouldn't find yourself doing?

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