Thursday, September 23, 2010

time flies when you're... crazy busy!

it's 11:30am and i kind of feel like it's closer to midnight. my alarm blasted my 4:30am wake up call way too early and i hit the ground running. i had to cut my early AM yoga classes down to one day a week and it's still painful, ha!  i love the class, but i just can't seem to muster the enthusiasm to bounce outta bed the way i'd like to. i really used to think i was an early bird.

not so much.

so i walked the pup, fed the 4-legged crew, showered, dressed and found my way out the door and on my way to class. after teaching i decided an impromptu trip to TJs (trader joes) was in order and did some food shopping at 8:30 in the morning. i spent about 20 mins chatting up the cashier  about my adventures in bikram yoga and appreciation for Zico coconut water before packing up my car and heading home. after trekking my groceries up my apartment stairs i whipped up the fabulous fitnessista's breakfast cookie dough cereal and chased it with a glorious cup of coffee. the caffeine jolt got me back up and running and i scrubbed my entire apartment down. there was some serious cleaning going on.

breakfast cookie cereal = DELISH!

so naturally i'm now propped up on the couch, catching up on all my bloggies and thinking about lunch before i take a walk with the pup. its actually pretty warm outside for FALL. can't believe it! summer flew! so i figure i should take advantage.

oh, and there's definitely some yin yoga fabulousness in my very near future!
it's almost the weekend - and you know what that means!  teaching one of my fave classes, taking my favorite spin class -possibly ever- hang out time with the boy, vegan BBQ, football (WOOT WOOT), brunch and vegan hotwings.
note: not necessarily in that order  ;)

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