Monday, October 4, 2010

manic monday? not so much

its a gray day today... full of chills and cold drizzle and whipping winds. it's the kind of day you want to bury your head under your comforter and throw your alarm clock across the room.

my weekend was pretty terrific. it wasn't too busy, which i love, and i got to fit in everything i wanted to. friday night a friend and i hit up a 2 hour zumba-fest. so fun! we were sweating like crazy and it felt good to crawl into bed that night.  i had to get up early, like usual, for my saturday AM class, and felt great. i taught my power yoga class and the hubby and i stayed in and celebrated (early!) our anniversary. it is actually tomorrow, but hey, you can never have too many celebrations, right?  i tend to milk events for everything they're worth  ;)

the party wasn't quite this rockin, but we still had a total blast!

the weekend definitely brought the cooler weather in - fast and furious- so hubby and i decided to head out for a run sunday morning. that's one of the {very} few things i enjoy about cooler weather - outdoor workouts! some plans fell through and i was left with little else to do but watch 6 full hours of football. for some, this may seem torturous, but for me it was heaven. i didn't leave my hooded sweatshirt or flannel PJ pants for nothin! i stay curled on the couch and we wound up ordering in because i've been a fiend in the kitchen lately!  i'm kinda patting myself on the back for that one ha!

i had a bit of anxiousness friday before the zumba-fest because my stomach was acting slightly violent to me throughout the day. i was concerned and thought about cancelling, but i really wanted to do this. and i really wanted to see my friend. and i really wasn't going to let the nerves call the shots. i was still a bit queasy on the drive there, but i loosened up and really enjoyed the workout. and i (tried) to rock the dance moves like i was a seasoned pro! no stomach aches, no issues. score.

have you ever cancelled plans or skipped out on something because your anxiety "might" make you sick or "might" act up and you didn't want to take a chance? 

i used to do that all the time! its funny how we tend to anticipate the worst, and things rarely turn out to be as scary as we imagine.

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