Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life List

a fabulous fellow yogini commented about my Life List and suggested sharing more of it with you. as i love hearing from you guys- i was more than happy to share some more snippets of it

in no particular order...

Bonnie's Life List ... so far

1- explore every place i visit by going for a run (would love my sneakers to touch at least 2 foreign places before getting a new pair!)
2- sipping wine in a hot air balloon
3- take a volunteer vacation to someplace i wouldn't normally travel to
4- learn a language - would love it to be french!
5- take a raw foods and vegan cooking class
6- open a yoga studio
7- begin to host Present Moment workshops in other states
8- write a book (this is a BIG one for me!)
9- run the San Diego Rock 'n Roll marathon
10- drink wine and snack on cheese in Paris
11- live in Paris for a few months, possibly have an apartment there to travel to whenever i want
12- renew my vows with my husband in some exotic location on the beach for our 5yr anniversary
13- meet the President
14- get pilots license
15- go skiing in Switzerland
16- pray in India
17- create/work on a documentary exploring anxiety and holistic health /healthcare
18- create a non-prof focused on helping people dealing with anxiety, OCD, hoarding, self mutilation, depression, etc.
19- learn to dance -ballroom and hip hop and swing
20- learn to surf in Australia
21- own my own company (or yoga studio) and have hubby quit his job and work with me

some of these i've already done and some i hope to do really soon! i'd also LOVE to take a girls trip up to kripalu annually or host my own yogini retreat one day... ahh, so many dreams, so little time!

what are some things on your life list?

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  1. Woo hoo! I'm so glad you posted this!! #4 (french, of course!) and #8 are on my list, too. :) xoxo