Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow day and playing catch up

wow did we get hit hard yesterday! tons o' snow!  it snowed from morning until night.  hubby was home and while i had some work/classes/clients to tend to, i did get the night off.  my gym closed early.  now i hate to be scroogy or cranky about the snow, but it always causes me stress.  while its beautiful to look at and invokes peacefulness, there is always the aftermath.  the clean up... shoveling out cars.... attempting to walk my dog down sidewalks that are little more than sheets of ice, no outdoor workouts and, for people like me that hate driving in snow, no indoor workouts either because i'm not about to battle the slush for a little treadmill or elliptical action. 

hubby and i did manage to have some fun though. while the snow was still fresh and falling we took the puggle out to play and he's always good for a laugh in the snow... especially when its so much it towers over him.  we watched a movie, enjoyed a cocktail and we both shimmied into the kitchen to whip up a fun dinner of cheese and avocado quesadillas and veggie chili. 

i always love it when the whole world (or at least, my world!) manages to slow down for a bit.  i also managed to squeeze in some time to officially finish my kickboxing certification, put together some sequencing for classes and start a new playlist for my rock 'n roll vinyasa class. 

today we're left with the aftermath of a snow storm.  we dug out the cars at 7am and all that action left me hacking and choking and coughing because apparently i'm still not 100%...  i took a hot shower to get rid of the chills and whipped up some eggwhites and toast for breakfast.  hubby and i headed out to start our days and as much fun as we had yesterday, i'm back to not digging the snow.  icy, slushing, icky. 

on a really exciting note - Survivor is on tonight!  am i the only one that is still totally into this show?  its 2 hrs and its bringing back some oldie but goodie people - can't. freaking. wait.  i'm refueling with a banana sandwich (a banana cut in half w/ pb smeared on it) and a cup of coffee.  dinner is already made and just waiting for me to pop in the oven.  a fun dinner, survivor and a night in? TOTAL BLISS.  oh, and as a surprise for hubby i baked some brownies.  dessert to boot! gotta love it! 

even though days can get stressful, you gotta find the time to make them enjoyable.  did any of you get a piece of this snow storm that rocked the east coast?  hopefully, if you did, it didn't cause you too much stress! 

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