Tuesday, February 9, 2010

early bird gets... the job done!

i'm sitting here catching up on last night's epi of the bachelor and sipping on my coffee. i just finished my high raw vegan breakfast cookie (chock full 'o protein powder and my newest obsession sunflower butter) and i'm feeling pretty relaxed. my tuesdays have slowed quite a bit and even though it's only a little past 8am, i'm halfway done with my day. i know i've shared with you that mornings can be anxious times for me, but taking on these early classes has been a challenge and a blessing. i've really come into my own and although sometimes i'm met with some stress, all in all the classes have been wonderful. and, on a super awesome note, this morning was the first time i walked out the door to head to class at 6:30am amd there was some light to greet me! woot woot! usually its freezing and pitch black... and while the 'freezing' looks like its gonna stick around, the light has come back to play!

after class, i made a trip to pick up our wash and drop off some movies at blockbuster that the hubby and i watched while we were flu victims. yuck. i'm still dealing with a high ick factor and not feeling quite myself, but i'm truckin' along. the hubby and i both get exhausted after working/teaching, but i'm optimistic that any day now we'll be back to normal! ha!

anyway, we're due for some snow -insert bummed out face here- so i'm hitting up a pilates class at 11am, then i finish my day at 6 and am heading home to whip up a kick booty dinner! last night i made a HUGE salad and baked some sweet potato chips. even though i'm a big fan of raw, sometimes i crave a little cooked food and far be it for me to deny myself what i'm craving.... so long as it's not a big piece of chocolate cake. well... at least not until after the salad! all i do know is that i'm ready to get my diet back on track because i didn't cook a lot when sick and hubby and i depended on take out and quick grab bites... which neither one of us does well with. and pilates is the first class i'm taking in over a week and i'm excited to move

hope you're enjoying your tuesday! are you up and at 'em early or taking it easy today? have you picked something to do today that's just for you? obvi mine is pilates. that's my treat. what's yours?

and if you're prepping for snow... stay warm!

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