Sunday, February 14, 2010

open your heart!

hey loves!

happy V-Day! or U-Day!  i heard it called U-day and loved it because its so important to show yourself a little love.  and if we can't love ourselves, its hard to love others.  so happy V (or U) day to all!

my weekend has been wonderful.  saturday i taught a spin class and loved every single minute of it.  i actually got so into it at one point that i almost rocked myself right off my bike!  yeah... i fully commit to the idea that if it's not fun you won't do it, so make it worth it!  i'm that chick at the gym or in the yoga studio totally in my own world, eyes closed, huge smile and lost in whatever i'm doing.  i love the present moment and try to exist in it as much as possible. 

afterwards i ran to a power pilates class that kicked my booty and left me feeling refreshed and energized.  since hubby and i usually work on sundays, we kept saturday 'our' day and once i got home and showered my sweaty self we headed out to see avatar.  i made it all the way through with no anxious feelings or anything. YAY!  for me, the movie wasn't as wonderful as everyone has been saying, but hubby thoroughly enjoyed it... for the 3rd time!... so well worth it.  we then got adventurous and grabbed some indian food to take home and enjoy with a big bottle of red. 
this morning, still in my wine haze, i hit the gym and did an elliptical workout that helped me sweat out my toxins and hit up the weights.  felt good.  it feels good for me to move and i realize how much i've missed it since being under the weather.  my schedule is packed this week so i'm looking forward to enjoying some quality couch time in my PJs.  with another glass of vino.  woot woot!

in honor of this holiday of love, i wanted to share a heart opening practice with you today.  ENJOY!

               UP DOG




make sure your body is open and ready, take your time in your practice today and try out one (or all!) of these fabulous heart openers.  and they are great stress relievers to boot!

other ways to celebrate love today:
*enjoy a glass of red wine
*cook a beautiful meal
*bake red velvet cupcakes
*light candles
*read an empowering and uplifting book
*write a poem
*call a friend...just because
*treat yourself to a mani/pedi after your yoga class
*take time to think of 5 things you love about yourself and your life
*say I Love You to someone special

i hope you all have an awesome rest of your weekend!

images: iyogalife

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