Friday, February 12, 2010

happy, happy friday

good morning to everyone out there in the blogosphere! 

i woke up this morning with so much delicious energy that i feel like i could run a marathon.  the past couple of nights have been rough for me... still don't really know why... and i've been getting only like 3-4 hrs of sleep a night.  not good.  doesn't make for a happy girl come the morning.  so after dinner last night, hubby suggested i take a quick nap so i could recharge for survivor.  while, in theory, that sounded wonderful, it didn't quite work out that way.  i totally slept right through survivor and could barely open my eyes when hubby tried to wake me.  he just left me to rest and i wound up sleeping straight through until this morning!  a total of 11 blissful hours of sleep.  ahhhh.  i can't even begin to describe how good that felt. 

so today i only have one yoga class to teach because my other one has been cancelled for the next two weeks.  and while i always love to have classes to teach, its a nice break.  so i'm spending my day with my sis-in-law and beautiful baby nephew and fitting in some work in between.  so far i managed to clean the house, make breakfast for the hubby and i, walk the puggle, watch an epi of Sex and The City and sort through all of my class CDs.  I also am super excited because i'm teaching a SPIN class tomorrow AM.  i'm pumped for that!  can't wait to make a rockin' playlist and get my sweat on!  i'm gonna rock 'em!  i also am sending out my kickboxing exam and certification so i'll be able to add that to my class schedule soon as well.  yoga, spin and kickboxing?  color me the happiest girl in the world!  i'm also actively creating an outdoor group workout class that i'm recruiting friends to join.  i'm going to be running this on Sunday mornings and can't think of a bettter way to spend a weekend morning.... working out and kicking butt with friends.  love it.

tonight after class the hubby and i are getting take out and watching the DVR'd survivor epi from last night.  perfect night. and tomorrow we're doing the whole v-day celebration.  we're going to see Avatar and getting indian food for dinner.  the movies are a really cool thing  for me because back in the day, with my anxiety, i refused to see a movie.  i hated the idea  of being trapped in a movie theatre and not being able to just get up and go.  i notice that "trapped" feeling is very common for those of us with anxiety.  i'll never forget that after a year of not seeing movies, the first one i felt confident enough to see was wall-e and hubby bought me a little plastic wall-e in honor of the event!  i still have it!  and i still continue to acknowledge the movies as a stepping stone in my recovery from anxiety... so it's a real special treat for me to do this with him.  talk about appreciating the little things, huh? haha! 

hope your friday is wonderful and you have some fun plans for this weekend - v-day related or not! 


  1. Hey Bonnie - glad you're feeling so great :)
    Thanks for the reminder to appreciate those little things we couldn't always do. Movies were tough for me when my anxiety was at its worst. Live theatre, too. Now I look forward to those things. Yay, us!

  2. Come hang out with the puggle posse!