Monday, February 22, 2010

Present Moment Workshop Recap

i had a great time at my workshop this weekend!  the weekend went by in such a blur though.  i taught, gave a workshop, worked more on my new *project*, had a birthday lunch with family, met a girlfriend for dinner, had a night out with the hubby, hit up the gym... wow!  i'm totally enjoying the fact that i only have two classes today and have some time to get some things done that i wanted to get to over the weekend, but never got a chance.  one of which is get busy in the kitchen whipping up some homemade protein bars for hubby and i to snack on during the week. 

so onto the workshop!  it was a great turnout and i had a lot of fun.  like always, i started out by sharing my story, then giving boatloads of info on anxiety and chronic stress.  we talked about the stress response and panic attacks, triggers, anxious episodes... you name it!  i love when people at the workshops can open up about what they are going through because as they speak so many others are nodding and smiling and i can practically hear their thoughts... which sound something like "wow, i go through that EXACT same thing"  its amazing how we can connect by sharing our experiences. 

i followed it up with an hour of stress and anxiety relieving asana and pranayama (poses and breathing) and talked about the benefits and impact of each.  and we finished with some yogic philosophies and how they can help us better understand our anxiety and help us to heal by reminding us of things like being kind to ourselves and to create awareness as to our triggers, stressors and anxious feelings. 

i want to share some of those philosophies with you, so look for them in future posts! 

off to finish some work and get moving in the kitch!  hope you're having a  terrific, and relaxing, monday!
by the way, i'm taking a zumba class tonight.  that's my treat to me!  what's your treat to yourself today?

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