Saturday, July 11, 2009

a weekend in review

I've slacked in the blogging arena for a bit due to a busy 4th of july weekend and lots of time spent running in between classes, teaching and clients.

On a super positive note, I'm feeling really great. I've cut so much junk food out of my diet and have really honored my promise to myself to make working out as natural as brushing my teeth. I've been busting out some fun routines during classes and have truly noticed a difference in how I've been feeling. And, I'm still channeling my relaxivist side because working out and getting my yoga on has made me feel connected, clear-headed and calm.

Are you doing things for YOU? Have you found what makes you feel your best?

I'm pondering some more things I'd like to accomplish this year...looking into more certifications and deepening my studies. I love learning about nutrition and exercise and how everything we do effects how we feel. I just recently began to expand my knowledge in metabolic typing -thanks to the ever fab erin huggins. I'm definitely thinking some new adventures are coming my way-and I can't wait!


  1. Okay I will bite...what is metabolic typing?

    I love your blog!

  2. Thanks, Sue!
    Metabolic Typing is a type of "diet" (and i use the word diet loosely because its not a diet in the traditional sense) the focuses on building health from the bottom up rather than focusing on symptoms of problems. it is catered to each unique person's needs which i love! by finding out my type and following the diet suggested for me specifically i actually discovered that i have a gluten intolerance, something i never would have thought of had i not tried this. since utilizing this diet, i've felt more energetic and strong than i have in a long time and i'm a big fan of finding stuff that makes you feel good!