Wednesday, July 29, 2009

glowing with gratitude

sometimes i can take things for granted. i don't always see the world through rose colored glasses and i can become frustrated easily. it happens... i'm human. but recently i found myself struggling along my path and wondering if my decisions had lead me in the right direction. sometimes you wander so far down a path that you forget to look up and check where you are every now and then.
so i opened myself up to the universe and willed it to show me something to prove i'm headed in the right direction. and the interesting part? once i opened myself up to seeing... things began to show themselves. once this happened, i began to build my confidence and became determined to manifest exactly what i wanted. now more and more things are coming my way and i really needed that gut check to show me that i'm definitely embracing my dharma.

so i've made it a point to show gratitude (which, on a side note, i don't think is done nearly enough). i've been dedicating my practices to the universe and finding ways to be thankful as often as i can. every time something new comes my way i offer gratitude. and not just gratitude for opportunities i receive, but also for the things i already have and tend to overlook and also for things that have yet to happen but i have faith in.

practice gratitude. see if it changes the way you feel about things. and while you're offering thanks, don't forget to thank yourself as well!

image: Alixhyr

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