Tuesday, July 21, 2009

taking a mental health day

I'm sitting in my apartment, wrapped in a blanket and semi-involved in a movie on tv. I'm taking today as a mental health day and working on getting lots of things in order. Remember when I said I saw more certifications in my future? Well I turned myself into a successful psychic when I ordered my study materials yesterday! I'm very much looking forward to this new adventure and am totally excited to start the certification process in spin and kickboxing. I adore learning about health, nutrition and exercise-after all, I truly owe a lot of my health to it, so what better way to express it than share it? Nothing makes me feel better and more alive than a heart pumping spin class, kickboxing sweat session and of course my beloved yoga.

I also love meeting people on similar missions and paths. My students are truly inspiring. And its awesome to be able to bring a new element of exercise to them.

I'm teaching a class in a couple of hours and am really aching for that time on my mat. Its funny how healthy habits can be just as addicting. If I take too much time off, my body starts to let me know! Same thing w/ my food. If I OD on too much crap, my body definitely gets pissed! It just happened this weekend. I went a little (read: a lot!) Carb crazy and was paying for it. I missed yoga and my sunday night jog. But its ok. If we never make a wrong turn how will we learn? Mistakes are opportunities for growth.

So I'm back to myself having kicked butt yesterday in 3hrs worth of workouts, indulging in yoga everyday this week (yay!), gearing up for spin (gotta log in certain amount of time on the bike for cert) and back to eating food that makes me feel good. I totally fought the urge to have a cup of coffee this morning. Been coffee-free for quite some time but still desire it every now and then.

If you made a wrong turn or fell off the [yoga, workout, reading, cleaning, eating well, working on anxiety, meditation, etc] bandwagon- take a day to re-energize and jump back in tomorrow. Lose the guilt! Forget the anticipation!

And I want to leave you with something I have recently found and think its beautifully inspiring: a hugely successful marathon runner was once asked how she mentally gets through all of her super long races. Her response: I take it ONE TREE AT A TIME.

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