Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking Time To Notice The Good

When is the last time you felt good? Do you remember? Is it hard to even think about because you're always fearful of your next anxious episode or panic attack?

It's easy to always live in the fear. It seems natural to always have something to worry about or feel guilty about. But what about the times we feel good? When do you feel your best? Do you love going to the movies, the gym, out for a long drive or to a new restaurant? Do you take time to notice when you're happy and when you feel strong?

I never used to. Now I always do. I used to live in constant fear of my next dreaded panic attack. But the thing is, if you're always worried about the next attack, you're not living in the present moment. You're all the way in the future dreading something that may or may not happen. You're recreating those emotions and body symptoms and causing yourself distress.

Try something this week... the next time you're just sitting watching tv or hanging out with friends or reading a great book, take time to engage in the present moment. Completely immerse yourself in what's going on and how good you feel. We're so good at the negative anticipations, let's try something new and focus on the good days. Know when you feel good and allow yourself to feel empowered. And if you find yourself suffering with a bad bout of anxiety, bring your mind back to a memory of when you felt really good. Completely focus on that memory and recreate those feelings.

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