Friday, February 6, 2009

Ready for Raw

I've recently become interested (read obsessed) with the idea of raw foodism. The health benefits seem neverending and since I haven't eaten meat in years I'm halfway there. I've always been interested in food and how it effects the body... I think most people with anxiety should be aware of it. Food can increase anxiety and anxiety-like symptoms and when you're already dealing with so much - why add fuel to the fire.

Example: I used to be a HUGE coffee addict. For the holidays I would inevitably get Starbucks and D&D gift cards attached to my presents and stuffed inside birthday cards every year. It was a much loved gift and I still remain infamous for going through $65 worth of Starbucks giftcards in a week and a half (my family loves to tease me mercilessly for that one!). However, there was one day at work when I went through 3 venti caps and by the time I dialed into my end of the day conference call I was talking at warp speed and my breath was so rapid it seemed as if I'd fit in a few laps around the building before taking the call. I did a little research and was able to make the connection between my massive coffee intake and my panicked feelings. The coffee mimicked the effects of anxiety on my body - rapid breathing, heart pounding, excess of energy, jumpy, disconnected thoughts.... and I was voluntarily doing this to myself everyday! Needless to say, Starbucks gift cards now go unused - unless of course I indulge in a grande green tea.

And coffee isn't the only thing that does this to me... or to other people. Gallons of soda, tons of sweets or multitudes of sugary juices and sports drink also mimic the effects of anxiety. So, my interest in raw food is not only for my physical health, but also my mental health. It supposedly helps you dsetox and clear your mind. It makes your body strong and resiliant.. what's not to love!?

So I'm destined to hit the food store sometime in the next few days and I've been spending lots of time researching some things I can make. I've already tried strawberry and orange smoothies and I made raw cookies that looked like snowballs. So perfect seeing as I'm still slipping and sliding on ice patches every time I step outside my door (I'm beginning to doubt Spring will ever come!). My husband scoffed at them - but then his scoffing turned to scarfing and he downed half of them.

I need to stock up on TONS of fresh veggies and fruits seeing as they make up 90% of the diet. The rest is beans, tofu, soy stuff..... and I'm finding that the key to this lifestyle (hate the word 'diet') is creativity. Eating the same salad every night sounds near torturous, so it's crucial to spice it up.

So wish me luck - I think this is going to be terrific for my husband and I. As a longtime health nut he's totally game. And I'm pretty excited about detoxing my body and enjoying wholesome, natural foods the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

If you want to check it out, here's some sites I've been logging lots of time on:

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