Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day In The Life

I was happy to sneak in a spin class this morning. It's amazing how I get the best ideas when I'm running or spinning or losing track of time on the elliptical. I think it's because I'm able to fully immerse myself in the moment during a heart-pounding workout. After the class, I raced home to get my ideas on paper and felt it was time very well spent. I was also able to unload tons of pent up energy... I really dislike the cold. All I ever want to do is curl up under the blankets and remain immobile but that's when I get antsy. After some breakfast I ran some errands and then grabbed the pup and took him to the park to enjoy this fleeting 50 degree weather... it's been a somewhat brutal NY winter this year. Unfortunately the dog park caused my blood pressure to rise when my dog found himself in the middle of, not one, but two fights... the stress of that totally knocked me out of my relaxed post-workout haze. For a little dog, he sure has no fear!

When I got home I decided to dedicate an hour to myself and indulge in some restorative yoga... felt so much better! The stress from the dog park dilemma was successfully put behind me and right in time for hubby P to get home.

I really like the fact that instead of zoning out when stressed I get active and listen to what my mind and body need. Feels so much better. And to follow on my theme of relaxation tonight, I'm couch-bound, under a blanket with a movie ready to go!

I know sometimes it seems like a lot to make time for you to just indulge in something... with errands to run, dinner to make, pets & children to take care of, emails to check, phone calls to make... but when you take a time out it really helps set you up for success (whether your success is to de-stress, clear your mind or just have some fun). You dedicate time to taking care of everything else in your life - don't forget to dedicate time to taking care of you too!

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