Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yama #3 - asteya

welcome to the wonderful third yama - asteya.

i heart asteya.  it means non-stealing... or practicing generosity.  now it's pretty obvious how we can include this in our daily lives, but how does this relate to anxiety?  easy!  SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW!

knowledge is powerful.  it's what helped me realize that panic attacks wouldn't kill me and that there were actually holistic healing options for me out there.  i loved reading blogs and books about other people's experiences with anxiety because, not only could i relate, but i could learn from what they went through because they were further along in their journeys. 

so that's what brought me here.  that's how my Present Moment Workshop was born.  that's how i began to develop and introduce classes.  that's how i found where i fit in the world.  everything i do is based on sharing.  i live my life to share my experiences and what worked (and didn't!) work for me.  i relate to others by being open and honest.  i saw no benefit to holding on to everything that i was learning about and everything i was going through.  i knew i wasn't alone with anxiety.  i reached out to people, i talked to anyone that would listen and i share, share, share as much as i possibly can.  so as you begin to dive deeper into your journey, begin to share everything you learn and experience.  be generous with your knowledge.  let someone else potentially dealing with the same things know that you've been there... and what you did to help yourself.  sharing our knowledge is so powerful.  we can impact people in ways we never knew possible.  i live for seeing people's faces break into smiles and nod as i break down what a panic attack is and all the reasons that -while scary- won't actually harm them.  i love seeing a look of acknowledgement when i mention an anxiety that i had had that they are currently dealing with.  and nothing beats seeing reactions to learning about how yoga and exercise and diet all work hand in hand at helping people heal from anxiety.  and while those aren't the only things that help, they are definitely a piece of the puzzle and i make it my mission to share that with everyone.

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