Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sans power...sans sanity

Its been a crazy couple of days. If you follow me on twitter (@anxietytozen) you know I've been without power since Saturday. I'm blogging on my beloved blackberry right now. I've had no access to internet, phone, no heat, no tv, no lights... And I've been living on take out since I have no way to cook or store food. Boo!

But I didn't want to disappear for too long... So how are you all doing loves? Hopefully you're warm and cozy!

And even though NY was slammed with a crazy storm I still managed to have an awesome weekend. On saturday I took a 9hr kickboxing certifcation training called turbo kick. We had a blast! And even though at times we feared the ceiling would blow right off the building we managed to get our sweat on hardcore and have fun while doing it. Since my back/rib injury a week and a half ago I've had to lay off everything, but I did the most I could Saturday and felt amazing. Then hubby and I braved the torrential downpour and winds and met up with some friends for 'ritas and laughs. Was just what I needed...then we came home to a dark, freezing house ... Again, boo!

Sunday I managed to get ready by candlelight and headed out to a workshop with Dharma Mittra. Although I couldn't do all the asana with my injury it still felt good (and loooong overdue) to stretch my body. The workshop was a fundraiser for the non-prof I'm a part of - discover and recover. So fun! And Dharma Mittra has us cracking up as we went through our pranayama and sipped tea on our mats.

Ah-mazing weekend all in all.

Well, since its warmer outside than it is in my apartment, I'm off to take my pup for a super long walk.

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And I'm excited to announce that a guest post is in the works! Keep an eye out.

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