Tuesday, March 23, 2010

up and at 'em

Today is another early day for me. Up and out the door by 6:30am. My 7am class is PACKED out! And I have people there that already did a spin class or lifted... Love their dedication. Its not easy to stay committed to diet and lifestyle changes. I admire 'em and literally feed off theier energy as I'm not as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I'd like to be when waking at 5am. But, I do find on days like this I am more motivated to accomplish more than when I have a slow morning. It all works out in the end!

I had a great weekend. I taught a lot of yoga, spent some QT with my mama and settled in for a Saturday night full of movies with my man. I was very much looking forward to some down time. And, since my injury is all healed up, I spent a lot of time working out and testing new things. When I was on bedrest I found myself very anxious with lots of pent up energy. I definitely need to get my sweat on and relieve all that energy. It took me a loooong time to figure that out, but I do believe everyone can find a healthy outlet.

Some fun ways to relieve stress/anxiety:
1)Yoga/working out
2) Walking/running
3 gardening
4) Cooking
5) Painting/drawing
6) Time out w/ friends + family
7 writing/journaling

You have to take time to figure out what works for you and create a balance. I've worked with a lot of people that find something they enjoy that relieves stress but the moment they get anxious again they become overwhelmed and totally forgo their stress relievers. Make 'em a priority! Nothing (well, very little) gets in the way of my workouts and yoga. And you know what - not everyone understands my commitment to it. Some people think I just do it to lose weight or I eat healthy bc I'm counting calories, but there's so much more to it than that. Looking beyond the sweaty surface, exercise offers SO many physical AND mental benefits! And one of the top mental perks - it rids a person of anxious and depressive feelings. That's all I gotta hear! I get my mind and body healthy all at once - I'll take it!

I'd love to hear from some of u guys! What works for you? What doesn't? What have you tried and why?

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