Thursday, March 18, 2010

getting into the swing of things

I'm so excited to be able to settle back into my routine. I love mixin' it up every now and then, but having a schedule helps me stay on track with workouts, errands, volunteering, teaching, etc. Between snowstorms, week long black outs, injuries and travel my schedule has pretty much gone south.
Today was the first day I am able to get 100% back to normal. My day kicked off with a great yoga sesh at 7am. I teach this class, but I was finally able to participate in it since my injury. BLISS. I had a great playlist and just fell into the flow with the students. I don't know what others' preferences are but I find the most success with walking around and adjusting students and also doing some of the class with them so they can get visual cueing and not just verbal. I thoroughly enjoyed the energy.

Now I'm relaxing in my car blogging on my blackberry before hitting up some elliptical action. First cardio sesh since injury. LOVE. Then I'm gonna teach again and head out on a mission to restock my 'fridge. Going back to healthy, homemade food... HAPPINESS.

We're finally getting some great weather in NY so I plan to get out with my pup again. I'm so much more centered when I'm active and eating right!

How do you feel about routines and schedules? There's a level of comfort involved with routine. Does it cause you anxious feelings or stress when your days are disrupted?

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