Monday, March 8, 2010

allow for aparigraha

sorry for being MIA the past few days.  i actually got injured in class last week and have been on bedrest.  yikes! it was wicked painful and totally knocked me out of commission.  i need to focus a lot of time on healing because i'm super pumped for an awesome weekend.  saturday i have a 9 hour kickboxing certification workshop and saturday i get to indulge in a 3 hr yoga intensive with dharma mittra.  so a fully mobile body is crucial.  anyway, i wanted to sneak out a blog really quick, so let's touch on the last of the yamas - aparigraha.  this means greedlessness.  and again, easy to see how we can incorporate this into our daily lives, but what about our anxiety.  how can this help us when dealing with chronic stressors and panic attacks? 

have you ever looked at someone else and become insanely jealous that they are able to be carefree and don't seem to have any trouble doing things that cause you immense stress?  are you upset because someone else that you know is dealing with anxiety also but seems to be healing and progressing so much quicker than you?  this is how i remember to bring a little more aparigraha into my  life.  don't wish for someone else's life or journey.  don't desire another person's experiences because you think they are better or more valuable than yours.  we are all on our OWN journey and that journey must be honored at every bump and turn. 

i hope you enjoyed the focus on the yamas and how they help me keep my anxiety and stress in check.  i used to write these down affirmation-style and refer to them daily, trying my best to practice at every chance i got. 

try it out.  some may click with you and some you might already be doing, but take time to introduce them into your life and see how they impact you. 

next up......... the niyamas!

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