Wednesday, January 13, 2010

weekend recap: Krishna Das Fundraising Event!

i've been a little absent from the blogging world lately. here's my list of excuses:
1) last week was consumed with an insane class schedule and last minute prep work for the upcoming Discover and Recover Krishna Das fundraiser
2) the weekend was a blur of KD event things, bridesmaid duties and an on-coming stomach virus
3) full blown stomach virus


while the rest has past, the stomach bug is here to stay. i feel like i've been battling this for awhile now and since i adamantly refused to take any time off, i'm paying for it now. and unfortunately, so is my hubby that woke up with stomach bug symptoms this morning.

so since i'm house-bound i thought i'd recap the awesome krishna das event! as you know i'm VP for discover & recover and have been psyched about this event since its planning stages way back when. i knew i wanted to spend more time raising money and volunteering for things i'm passionate about and this was my first super big opportunity! we held the event on long island and it drew in a crowd of over 300 people! up until saturday i was helping with making signs, printing guest lists, writing press releases and pitches for the event and contacting news outlets.

the actual event was powerful. KD sounds just like he does on his albums. and he's got an amazing sense of humor.. definitely had the crowd laughing more than once! as he went through his chants, more and more people got up and began to sway, move, jump and dance in the aisles. i began to clap and get lost in the music myself!

by the time the whole night ended i was totally beat. hubby and i hit up a diner for a quick bite and crawled into bed exhausted from all the excitement.

then [cue ominous, foreboding music] i awoke with a horrible stomach virus. i had been fighting it since friday and had to cancel some classes, but i think i pushed too much on saturday and got myself worse. so today is all about resting and getting better because my schedule load isn't slowing down anytime soon... and neither am i!

i hope your weekend was amazing!
leaving you with the only pics i have from the event...

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