Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day and happy lazy sunday

it's been terrific. my classes have been picking up, i'm doing more workshops (just had one yesterday with a fabulous group) and i'm talking with more and more people about anxiety disorders and sharing what i do. i love that i have the opportunity to meet with all of these like-minded people and share in their community.

i've also realized how important their support is to me. when i reach out to people i often learn so much from them. i love to have an open chat in my classes and workshops because who better to learn from than people going through the same things as we are?

so on this laidback, pro-relaxivist day i'm going to take some time to reflect on all of the new people i'm lucky to have in my life. all of the people that offered an answer when i had a question and all of the people that helped to guide me when i got lost.

do you have a community of people that you feel at home with? maybe people that are in the same profession as you or people with similar hobbies or interests? if not, they're not hard to find! start to engage in conversation with those around you in yoga class. or take a dance class or art class and befriend some of the other students by asking opinions and sharing ideas. find a running group online and log in miles and fun with friends at the same time. take your four-legged friend to the dog park and strike up a conversation with someone about their poodle. whatever you do, look for opportunities to meet people doing the same thing. build up your community and friendships. we rarely put ourselves out there and tend to stay put where we are. but you have nothing to lose! and if the thought of stepping outside the comfort zones causes anxiety, start small. get out and do one thing and say hello to one person. before you know it, you'll be friends with everyone around you!


  1. Hi Bonnie - I just stumbled upon your blog so I thought I'd say hi. I just scanned through your first page and wanted to comment because I've never read a blog from someone else who's facing anxiety issues before. Are you a yoga instructor? Do you find that helps you a lot? We have a yoga/pilates studio in town and I've been thinking of checking it out. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for reaching out! Yes, I am a yoga instructor. And honestly, I consider practicing yoga and yoga philosophies the cornerstone of my recovery. I became super passionate about sharing what I learned with others and have been lucky to get the opportunity to do so! If you have a yoga studio in town I highly suggest checking it out. If you're new to yoga and looking for a class to aid in stress relief, look for a gentle yoga class, hatha yoga class or restorative class. Call the studio and ask for recommendations on classes/teachers and go for it! And please do keep in touch and let me know how it goes

  3. Thanks! I'll 'follow' you so I remember to keep in touch. I'm new to following (kind of behind the times on all things techie) so now I feel like a stalker :)