Friday, June 18, 2010

friday fun day

hey hey!  hope everyone's friday is off to a killer start! 

i officially, for only a short while, have no classes on fridays.  they will be starting up again soon, but for now i'm sans plans.  i decided to take advantage of the time and i've spent my morning prepping playlists and sequuences for upcoming classes.  i start my turbokick class in a week and a half and i also added a butt 'n gut class, which is basically just a lower body blast.  i worked through what i want to do for that class and my legs were on fi-yah!

i'm really pumped about all these upcoming classes!  can't wait to make 'em suffer sweat!

today i wanted to also mention the topic of being reactive. 

are you a reactive type of person or do you keep your words and emotions in control until you fully gauge a situation?  i'm so reactive.  i have so much trouble keeping my emotions under wraps.  i grew up in a household where we pretty much always expressed how we felt and holding in emotions causes me to stress and i have to find ways to relieve the energy.  i'm just used to being an open book.  but that's not always the best thing.  meditating has helped me slow down the reaction process a bit, but i still struggle with it.  and sometimes being reactive about certain situations could upset someone and i'm always concerned about that.  i hate being in that situation where i think it over and realized i over reacted.  i need to practice being underwhelmed and i need to digest situations before jumping to -an emotional- conclusion. 

how do you face things that come your way? do you react before thinking or are you pretty good at taking it all in before doing anything? 

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