Wednesday, June 16, 2010

basic meditation practice tips

happy wednesday!

i wanted to share some meditation techniques with you guys today because i took on Ah Meditation Challenge from patricia moreno and have actually seen a real impact in my life because of it.  i was doubtful.  i read the testimonies and life changing experiences, but i never really thought it would happen to me.  but i felt compelled to give it a whirl... and much to my surprise, things that i've meditated for have been manifesting in my life.  i've picked up a new mantra: when i meditate, i co-create

and man, have i been meditating.

i'm envisioning, i'm saying mantras, i'm manifesting and i'm meditating and i'm loving it.

so i wanted to share a basic meditation technique with you from the ever fabulous sadie nardini.

this meditation will bring you to the present moment and help relax an anxious, or overstressed, mind.

even just 5 minutes a day can have an impact.

and i'm gonna continue rockin' out my AH Meditation

enjoy your day!  make it a good one!

and if you try out the meditation, let me know what you think!
or if you're an avid meditator, i'd love to hear your perspective as i'm still new at it.

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