Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hey lady, where've you been?

it's been forever since i've had a chance to sit and hit up the blog.  i've sporadically been popping in and checking in with some of the blogs i follow, but i've rarely even had a chance to comment.  i promise i didn't fall off the face of the earth...

between an increased class load, work load and life load i've been running around like a chicken without it's head lately.  between running from class to class, impromtu road trips and travel and odd and end projects i'm working on, i've been slacking in the blog department.  sorry loves.

so i'm here now to fill you in.  i can't disclose everything that's been happening, but the great news is that one big thing keeping me busy is my summer schedule!  i have added at least 4 more classes per week to my schedule and some of those classes include spin and turbo kick.  very pumped about these additions.  i love to get my yoga on, but i also love to make people sweat!  i have the urge to kick butt in class every now and then and these cardio classes definitely fulfill that need!

on an anxiety note, i'm happy to say that the traveling didn't throw me for a loop.  car trips used to be a fate worse than death for me... but i happily made it through the entire quick trip and even managed to stay chill in the face of 2+ hours worth of NY traffic.  definitely something i'm super proud of and these challenges continue to show me just how far i've come. 

have you recently faced any triggers and remained calm, cool and collected throughout?  i love noticing and experiencing these milestones because it reminds me to constantly keep striving for tranquility. 

another fun thing i'm working on is lining up people for some fall/winter workshops as part of Discover +Recover fundraisers.  I have a list of some pretty cool people and should we get them on board, i'll definitely keep you posted because if you're in the area you'll absolutely wanna check 'em out! 

so what's the good word?  what have i missed during my whirlwind of craziness?  

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