Thursday, July 1, 2010

to fear or not to fear?

i've been a little (eek!) MIA from the blogosphere due to life getting in the way...

but before heading out to teach a yoga class tonight i wanted to pop in and touch on the topic of fear
we all feel it. we all experience it. but it impacts us all differently.

i believe that my fear (and my refusal to face it head on) definitely increased my anxiety to unmanageable levels. it took losing a big chunk of my life to actually look my feelings dead in the eye and figure out what was up.

i admire people that find a thrill in facing their fears. i know some people that feel incredibly fulfilled by allowing their fears to test them. once we conquer what scares us, it's almost an invincible feeling.

so how do you deal with fears? do they cause you a lot of anxiety or do you thrive on facing the challenges they present? has a fear ever held you back from anything? has facing a fear ever left you empowered?

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