Thursday, July 29, 2010

branching out

i know i share a lot about yoga and anxiety, but i'd like to open up the forum a little and chat about yoga in general every now and then.  and i'd also like to touch on how yoga is impacting me lately... and hearing how yoga's impacting you as well!

on a very happy, positive note i am being included in an interview series on people with holistic careers.  i'll be working on that interview and will keep you posted on the details of when it goes up.  i'll also be sharing a guest blog on... you guessed it! anxiety and yoga. it'll be on an amazing blog - which of course i'll link to when it goes up.  its a blog that i adore and am excited to introduce you guys to it!

also, remember how i said i get anxious in the AMs? well, its still kind of happening.  so rather than run in the other direction and bail on all early AM obligations and classes, i'm giving myself more of a challenge.  there's a 7am ashtanga yoga class on sundays at one of my gyms and i'm planning on attending.  an ass kicking, sweat-inducing yoga class first thing in the morning? if that doesn't chase the nerves away, i don't know what will! 

anyway, i hope your thursday is treating you well.  i'm off to do the yoga thang again - 2 classes - then home to feast on indian food  with the hubby and catch the latest Futurama. love, love, love that show. oh, and there may or may not be a glass of vino awaiting me as well.


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