Friday, April 3, 2009

Real World...Real Problems

It's been years since I've tuned into the latest season of The Real World, but for some reason (perhaps because of the NY stomping grounds!) this past season caught my attention. I watched it on and off for a few episodes and happen to catch some of the reunion show that aired last night. Now I don't know if you've seen any episodes or if you're even familiar with the cast, but I just had to acknowledge Baya from this season.

Baya wasn't seen a lot in the show. A spunky hip hop dancer, they maybe dedicated 2 episodes to her (if even) and she remained predominantly background decoration. When they mentioned this on the reunion show Baya came out and said she suffers from anxiety and when she was going through anxious episodes or having panic attacks she stayed away from the camera.

Wow! Didn't see that coming. I think it would've been a terrific opportunity to show viewers that anxiety exists in all kinds of people-it knows no bounds. I think it could've been a chance to show young people what anxiety is about and how it affects people. I think Baya is inspiring because, even though this fact about her wasn't given air time, she still stepped out of her comfort zone and moved into a house with 7 strangers and tried to persue her dreams. That's inspiring!

so here's to Baya-you rock girl! I'm so glad she took the chance to tell the world what she was going through and continued to perservere!

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